Evaluating Earthquake Impacts

April 17, 2024

From Shock to Solutions: How Rimkus Forensic Engineers Assess Earthquake Damage

When earthquakes and other seismic events occur, mitigation of any resulting structural damage requires a combination of engineering experience and investigative techniques. To help clients understand the extent and cause of damage, Rimkus Property Loss consultants utilize specialized knowledge to analyze buildings, bridges, and infrastructure to determine the integrity of their design and construction.

Our forensic engineers meticulously examine structural components affected by seismic forces, including foundations, columns, beams, and connections. We can employ advanced technologies such as non-destructive testing, structural modeling, and computer simulations to reconstruct the sequence of events leading to the damage.

Through careful evaluation of materials, construction techniques, and adherence to building codes, we help ascertain whether structural failures were due to design flaws, construction defects, or inadequate maintenance.

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Case Study: Earthquake Damages High School

When a county high school was damaged due to an estimated 5.8-magnitude earthquake, Rimkus experts were retained to assess the reported damage to the school. We were asked to determine if the damage was a result of the earthquake, pre-existing damage, or pre-existing damage which was exacerbated by the earthquake. Learn about the services we provided to accomplish this task.

Case Study

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Earthquake Damage Assessment is a one-hour continuing education webinar that provides attendees with an introduction to the nature of earthquakes, their specific causes, and the types of resulting damage. It also discusses earthquake damage assessment and concepts for retrofitting and repair of damage.

This course was recently presented live by James (Wes) Jordan, Vice President, Property Practice. It is now available to be viewed at any time and offers one hour of continuing legal education (CLE) credit.

Attending our live webinar presentations provides US-based participants with the opportunity to earn CE or CLE credit hours. Want to receive invitations to our live webinars? Click below to be added to our list and never miss an opportunity to earn continuing education credit hours in select states.

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Comprehensive Solutions

Our forensic consultants are supported by a global team of engineers, architects, and other technical specialists with expertise in the built environment.

When storm damage remediation is necessary, our teams of experts collaborate to offer comprehensive analyses that define actionable recommendations for mitigation. Whether it’s repairs, retrofits, or even redesigns, our team can guide the process from start to finish, providing building consulting services that enhance the safety and resilience of structures against future earthquakes.

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