Foundations of Excellence: Elevating Structural Engineering Standards

April 18, 2024

Solving Complexities, Building Confidence: Explore Our Structural Engineering Solutions

Rimkus structural engineers can help optimize performance and extend life expectancy of any size building. We provide assessment, design, and rehabilitation expertise for many types of aging structures, including parking garages, warehouses, arenas, and more.

When property is damaged, our Structural Engineering building experts apply years of design and construction experience to return spaces to pre-loss conditions. Our effective diagnostic process, leads to us to proper design solutions. Rimkus structural engineering services include 3rd party review of new construction design elements, as well as developing repairs for those structural elements that are prone to damage from construction defects, such as inadequate waterproofing, drainage, and other building envelope systems.

Working collaboratively, our engineers, architects, construction professionals, and other technical specialists can not only solve structural problems, but also help prevent them.

Structural Engineering Services:

Structural Condition Assessments

  • Balconies & Landings
  • Parapet Walls
  • Parking Structures
  • Multi-Family Structures
  • New Roof Equipment Weight Analysis
  • Snow Load Review
  • The extent of structural damage following an event

Structural Rehabilitation and Remediation

  • Building Code Compliance
  • Corrosion Repair Strategies
  • Damaged Building Remediation
  • Design Assistance, Evaluation, and Certification
  • Load Testing
  • Roof Anchor Design and Testing
  • Structural Upgrades/Increased Roof Load

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