Solutions for your Properties: Roof Condition Assessments

April 11, 2024

Discover the Key to Long-lasting Roof Integrity

The best way to prevent unexpected damage in your roof system is to perform roof inspections annually. We recommend a roof condition assessment to better understand the life expectancy of your roof, address any immediate concerns, optimize building performance, and expedite a remediation strategy, if necessary.

We offer different diagnostic testing services to help determine the condition of your roof system and maintain the integrity of the property:

Pull Tests:

  • Determine the pull-off strength of material/coating from building surface
  • Used during material installation to verify design parameters or to investigating potential failures

Drone Thermographic Analyses:

  • Roof moisture scanning for leak investigation
  • Used to investigate reported leaks and determine areas of replacement

Bonded Uplift Tests:

  • Determine the uplift resistance of adhered roof systems
  • Used before/during/after system installation to verify design parameters or to investigate potential failures

Roof Anchor Tests:

  • Confirm pre-determined loads for safety
  • Determine a roof anchor’s ability to withstand predetermined loads
  • Used during/after anchor installation to verify design parameters or to investigate potential failures

Fastener Pull-Out Tests:

  • Determine the strength of fastener attachments for materials

Our certified observers and trained technicians are equipped to assist with matters involving:
  • Roof Condition Analysis
  • Design, Specifications, and Tender
  • Contract Administration
  • Rooftop Quality Observation
  • Roof Management Programs
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Plaza Decks and Parkades
  • Roof Safety and Fall Protection Plans
  • Green Roofs and Solar/Photovoltaic Systems

With our roof condition assessments, you’ll receive a thorough analysis of your roof’s strengths and weaknesses in a clear, detailed report. Our findings are put into a clear and legible report that includes photo evidence, illustrations, and a colored AutoCAD roof plan. If remediation or repairs are needed, we prioritize resilience and maintainability to provide you with sustainable solutions for your property’s unique needs.

Don’t wait for issues to escalate. Schedule your roof condition assessment today to safeguard your property’s integrity.

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