Only years of experience prepares an expert for environmental assignments. Our consultants have decades of experience.

Environmental and Health-Related Consulting

Whatever the environmental clean-up or health and safety-related claim, our professional team can provide an objective analysis to deal with the matter effectively and efficiently. With Rimkus, you benefit from experienced environmental experts on every project.

Our experts address the following environmental and health-related areas:

  • Soil, Water and Air Pollution. A small amount of pollution, either indoors or outdoors, can have a substantial impact on human life and can be costly.
  • Environmental Remediation Analysis. Addressing environmental pollution caused anywhere from the late-1800s to today requires highly-specialized knowledge and experience.
  • Origin and Cause Assessment and PRPs. When the pollutants are decades old, only careful review of historical documentation and knowledge of industrial and manufacturing operations can lead to the potentially responsible parties.

Environmental Health and Safety Consultants

Services include:

  • Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology. From asbestos to zinc, excess exposure to any substance can lead to illness or even death.
  • Mold and Indoor Air Quality. We have investigated and solved air quality complaints in every type of building in virtually every state.
  • Workers’ Comp and Environmental Safety. Investigating compensation claims to confirm their validity.

Environmental Forensic Consultants

As proven Environmental Forensic Consultants with decades of experience, we provide expertise across a range of critical areas.

Our breadth of expertise includes:

  • Environmental Forensic Engineers. Determine how and when environmental pollution occurred.
  • Forensic Environmental Consulting. Research historical structures and land usage to help define who precipitated a pollution event.
  • Pollution Sources and Services. High cost pollution incidents can occur anywhere and stem from any number of causes.
  • Emerging Areas of Concern. We can help you separate fear from fact, property damage from environmental pollution, and reasonable remediation costs from inappropriate cleanup expenditures.