Rimkus Connections: July Edition

July 5, 2023

Rimkus is a worldwide provider of engineering and technical consulting to corporations, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies.

Our experts specialize in forensic consulting, dispute resolution and construction management services, solutions for the built environment, and human factors support for the consumer, industrial, and healthcare industries.

Since 1983, Rimkus professional engineers, architects, scientists, and technical specialists have been recognized for their commitment to service excellence by local, national, and international business communities.

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Product Liability Notices
Product and Materials Failure Expertise


Recalls can be the result of manufacturing defects, design issues, or unexpected and unintended user behaviors – for many manufacturers, issues due to user behavior can be particularly challenging.

Our Human Factors group can provide the expertise to analyze user behavior. We can help predict potential misuses before they happen or identify ways to address unexpected misuses when they are discovered in the field.


James Jordan

J. Jay Todd
Senior Consultant

“We provide independent, data-driven insight on an individual’s decision-making and behavior surrounding the use of product. This knowledge can be used to help the client better understand the user’s goal(s) while interacting with the product. This is important because sometimes even subtle changes in a user’s goal-directed behavior can lead to errors and violations, resulting in incidents.”


Offering extensive experience in safety, forensic sciences, and failure analysis, Rimkus has a diverse group of qualified engineers, metallurgists and materials scientists, biomechanists, human factors experts, and safety professionals to conduct accident investigations involving products, equipment, and materials.

Rimkus uses specialized investigative techniques to analyze the full spectrum of the product cycle. We examine the entire life cycle, from inception to end use, including design, manufacturing, materials installation, training, operation, and maintenance.

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Product Recalls



News and Articles
Trending Topics and Services


AEC Renewable Energy Services

Rimkus offers a comprehensive approach to the design, implementation, maintenance, and repair of renewable energy systems. Our experts draw upon experience in the rapidly expanding global renewable energy sector, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass, as well as renewable technologies like geothermal and air-source heat pumps.

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Dr. Zaragoza-Rivera Evaluates Pediatric Biomechanics in Motor Vehicle Accidents

In a recent article for CLM Magazine, Rimkus Senior Consultant and Child Passenger Safety Technician Dr. Yadetsie (Niky) Zaragoza-Rivera shares expertise, supported by actual case studies, on evaluating pediatric biomechanics following motor vehicle accidents.

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Toxicology and Food Safety Services

Rimkus’ Toxicology and Food Safety Practice specializes in characterizing and quantifying the association between exposure to a substance and the magnitude of its effects on human health.

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Construction Advisory Services

Our collaborative team of experienced architects, engineers, and construction managers offers comprehensive, effective support for minimizing risk by helping ensure projects will be completed according to plans, budget, and schedule.

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July Speaking Engagements
Subject Matter Experts and Thought Leaders


Rimkus CE/CLE Webinar
July 12, 2023 – Online

“The Smaller They Are, The Bigger The Falls – The Unique World of Pediatric Biomechanics” presented by Yadetsie (Niky) Zaragoza-Rivera, Ph.D., Senior Consultant.

Event Website

Rimkus CE/CLE Webinar
July 26, 2023 – Online

“Micromobility Accident Investigation and Reconstruction” presented by Garrick F. Mitchell, P.E., Transportation Practice Leader.

Event Website

2023 ALFA Construction Law Seminar
July 28, 2023 – Whistler, British Columbia

“Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve– What to do when a construction issue arises and how to properly document for future resolution or litigation” presented by Thomas (TJ) Cate, P.E., S.E., G.C., Vice President, Rimkus Construction Practice, and Daniel A. Riedel, P.E., Principal Consultant, Rimkus, Brian Raymore, Senior Vice President of Safety and Risk, Centimark Corporation, and Wally Irvin, Lewis Thomason.

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