Allen R. Conway

Laboratory Operations Manager

Laboratory Services



Mr. Allen Conway is a Metallurgical Senior Consultant and Safety Manager for the materials division (Metallurgical Technologies) located in North Carolina. Mr. Conway manages a wide variety of metallurgical projects and authors technical reports of our lab findings and conclusions. He also supervises and manages the day-to-day work of the lab technicians and performs the more sophisticated and specialized analyses and testing techniques.

Mr. Conway performs root cause failure analysis investigations and authors the resulting reports of findings for final review and approval by the professional engineers. He is proficient at performing various advanced ASTM testing methods and analysis procedures on a wide variety of metals and alloys.

Mr. Conway manages and performs all laboratory NDT inspections and in-place field replication of metallic microstructures. He is a specialist at performing metallography, examination and forensic photographic documentation of complex fracture surfaces, specialized sample preparation, Salt Fog/Spray corrosion testing of coatings, 3-D microscopic imaging, and other specialized testing processes. Mr. Conway is considered an expert at metallurgical sample preparations and provides onsite training in metallurgical sample preparation to our client’s personnel. He supervises and performs job training to engineers and laboratory personnel performing metallurgical testing, sample preparation, and microscopic examinations of microstructures and fracture surfaces.

Mr. Conway utilizes his previous background working with the Fire Department in Washington State and North Carolina in his current work. During his time with the fire service, he was a certified Fire Fighter I (FF1) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Mr. Conway developed the complete comprehensive OSHA-compliant MTI Safety Program and oversees the ongoing safety training and compliance of MTI staff.

Mr. Conway has extensive knowledge of Quality Assurance (QA) policies and metallographic equipment operational and calibration procedures. He conducts internal QA audits for the MTI laboratory, and authors QA documents and operational procedures.