Complex Problems, Clear Solutions: Forensic Techniques for Environmental Claims

May 22, 2024

Forensic Science: A Game Changer in Environmental Claim Investigations

When environmental contamination, releases, and chemical exposures impact the environment and human health, our team of environmental professionals is called upon to assess the extent of the environmental impacts, health risks, and associated costs to remediate damages and determine exposures.

We specialize in evaluating complex pollution events and human health exposures through in-depth investigations, testing, and analysis. Our experts can investigate elements of the event, such as contaminant sources, date/timing, fate, and transport. We can also provide reasonable and necessary cost estimates for remediation and abatement, as well as coverage years and cost allocation between potentially responsible parties (PRPs).

As needed, we can perform air quality and safety assessments and provide expert litigation support, breaking down complex science into clear and understandable language.

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Case Study: Water Contamination Testing

Rimkus environmental experts were retained to evaluate the possible impacts to the fish in a small pond from a hydraulic fluid spill. Working with the property owner, state regulatory agency, and client, we designed a focused site investigation and sampling scheme. Learn more about our approach to this matter below.

Case Study

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To provide support in multiple responsible-party pollution claims and litigation cases, our professionals use practical forensic techniques for volatile organic compounds contamination (VOCs) with a focus on hydrocarbons, trace marker compounds, chemical stabilizers, impurities in manufacturing processes, plume modeling, and compound-specific isotope analysis. In a free, one hour webinar titled Forensic Techniques for Environmental Claims, the director of our Environmental Practice, Kieran Purcell, P.E., provides insight into these techniques for source identification and timing of historical releases of contamination. View the full webinar on demand at the link below.

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Rimkus experts have decades of industry experience addressing environmental remediation issues, investigating resultant claims, and providing litigation support. Our understanding of industry operations, environmental remediation techniques and costs, waste management practices, and government regulations form a scientific, cost-effective, and supportable basis for our investigations. Learn about our comprehensive environmental expertise below.

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