Chris Cuellar

Computer Animator, Graphic Artist / A.A.S., Technician / Houston


Mr. Cuellar received an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Animation from The Art Institute of Houston in 2000. He excels in many aspects of 3D computer animation such as modeling, character rigging/animation, particle effects and advanced lighting. He is proficient in compositing, 2D motion graphics, and video editing as well as illustration in various media and design layouts.

Mr. Cuellar has experience in creating animations for events such as vehicle accident reconstruction, personal injury, fire, weather, equipment failure, and construction and refinery accidents. He has created trial graphics such as large format posters, illustrations for reports and power point presentations. He has also videotaped or photographed live events, tests and site inspections.

Representative Engagements

  • Night visibility studies
  • Security video enhancement
  • Documentation
  • Videotaping with synchronized cameras


  • Associate of Applied Science in Computer Animation