John T. Woscek

Mechanical Engineer / P.E. / Los Angeles/Irvine


Along with a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Woscek is a registered professional engineer in California with a broad knowledge in the field of mechanical and reliability engineering. He is also currently a part-time professor at California State University, Fullerton, teaching failure analysis and machine design to college seniors and graduate students.

Mr. Woscek has over 10 years of diversified engineering and project management experience within the amusement park industry. Prior to joining Rimkus, his work consisted of failure analysis for the Disneyland Resort theme park attractions. His responsibilities were investigating downtimes, determining root causes, and reporting his findings to notable stakeholders, as well as running reliability reports to improve attraction uptimes. In addition to his primary job focus, Mr. Woscek led maintenance crews during multiple refurbishment projects, which enabled him to work closely with hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, rotary manifolds, chain drives, variable frequency drives, AC and DC motors, steam engines, locomotives, marine equipment, underwater surveillance, and fluid dynamics, along with a multitude of other mechanical systems. His role also allowed him to partner with the California Department of Occupational Safety and Health, designing and implementing equipment for safe evacuations of guests, as well as fall protection apparatuses for employee safety while performing routine maintenance tasks. Mr. Woscek also led numerous audits during his time at Disney while supporting the Quality Engineering department in conjunction with the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration in order to maintain and enforce proper safety standards and guidelines.

As a forensic engineer, he provides consulting services for legal, insurance, and corporate clients that include analysis and causation determination, deposition and trial testimony of mechanical component failures of motor vehicle systems, consumer products, HVAC systems, and plumbing systems.

Education and Certifications

• Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: California State University, Fullerton
• Mechanical Engineering, M.S.: California State University, Fullerton
• Registered Professional Engineer: California
• International Fluid Power Mechanic: International Fluid Power Society