Mark M. O'Connell

Houston Property Division Manager / P.E. / Houston


Mr. O'Connell is a graduate of the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. His extensive professional experience specializes in structural design and analysis of a wide variety of manufacturing and heavy industrial facilities.

Throughout his career, Mr. O'Connell has served as the lead civil structural engineer and manager responsible for the design and processing of plans for projects of all sizes. Most recently, Mr. O'Connell served as the forest products civil/structural/architectural department manager for an international engineering and construction firm. In these capacities, he has provided client coordination, prepared designs, interpreted and implemented building code requirements, prepared final calculations, supervised the preparation of final design documents and construction drawings, assisted clients' interface with building code officials and fire marshals and coordinated civil/structural "start up" activities at a number of job sites. He has also conducted numerous field investigations for rehabilitation and renovation projects and has varied design experience in both hot and cold climates.

Representative Engagements

  • Managed numerous projects involving residential, commercial and industrial property damage analysis. Analyses have included inspection, evaluation and recommendations for recovery.
  • Conducted hurricane damage surveys.
  • Evaluated the structural causes of roof collapses and has assessed damage cases involving construction vibrations and blasting.
  • Implemented and managed water source cause and origin investigations for a variety of residential and commercial building envelopes.
  • Investigated fire-damaged and explosion-damaged facilities for structural integrity and extent of damage.
  • Evaluated EIFS and stucco building envelopes for construction defects and moisture intrusion.


  • B. S. Civil Engineering - University of Maine
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, Maine, Iowa and New Brunswick, Canada