Nelson Tong

Senior Consultant / P.Eng. / Toronto


Mr. Tong is a Professional Engineer of Ontario and a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Mechanical Engineering program with extensive experience in the investigation of losses involving fires/explosions, building envelope/moisture/mold issues, water escapes/floods, engineering/technically-related systems/components failures/incidents as well as the inspection/design/repair of the (welded) structural sub-systems/components of heavy-lift and construction equipment such as cranes, forklifts, manlifts, scissor lifts, and lifting devices, that also extends to the planning of critical lifts and operations involving such equipment.  His experience and industry knowledge covers over 17 years in areas of cause investigation, field/site work, evidence handling, code/standards/practice/contract review, design, inspection, engineering, procurement, engineering management, project management, structural design and evaluation, technical writing/communication, scheduling, cost estimating and budget control, implementing quality and control procedures, training/mentoring, and policy/work flow development.

Mr. Tong’s areas of expertise include conducting investigations to determine the cause(s) of losses involving fires/explosions and/or engineering/technically related failures/incidents, assessing the roles/responsibilities of involved parties/stakeholders, as well as the design and non-destructive inspection of welded steel structural mechanical components/sub-systems.  Mr. Tong has been responsible for managing, executing and conducting many hands-on in-situ/site assessment/inspection, investigation, repair and/or design/fabrication projects, as well as managing, handling and examining mission critical evidence.

Representative Engagements

  • Fire and explosion origin and cause investigations of buildings and automotive/marine/heavy-equipment vehicles
  • Assess/investigate water escapes and/or floods potentially involving building HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), fire sprinkler, plumbing systems
  • Assess/investigate potential oil tank system leaks or failures
  • Assess/investigate potential building envelope and/or ventilation issues resulting in moisture (condensation) damage and/or mold
  • Assess/investigate losses involving potential product/component failures such as piping, fittings, valves, bolts, fasteners and/or other mechanical components/devices
  • Assess/investigate incidents involving cranes, forklifts, scissorlifts, manlifts, lift equipment, rigging devices and/or other heavy equipment
  • Assess/evaluate (building) property damage due to fire and/or explosion incidents

Education and Registrations

  • B.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering – University of Toronto, Canada
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Ontario
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI)