Line-of-Sight Animation
Line-of-Sight Animation

Forensic 3D Animation and Visualization

January 31, 2024

Forensic 3D animations and visualizations provide a dynamic representation of complex accidents and incidents. When such an event occurs, Rimkus animation specialists and experts can collaborate to help stakeholders understand the accident scenarios with enhanced clarity.

Our animations serve as powerful tools for presenting technical details, illustrating sequences of events, and aiding clients in understanding the dynamics of various scenarios. By visualizing spatial relationships, timelines, and trajectories, we can help present compelling evidence in court, aiding in the comprehension and persuasion of legal professionals and juries.

Our process typically begins with a site inspection and data collection, including 3D scanning and taking additional measurements as required. We then process the data to generate an accurate 3D environment and assets. Working closely with investigative experts, we position the 3D assets to produce scientifically accurate depictions of their findings.

In addition to 3D animations and visualizations, our experienced team of Visual Media and Technology experts can also provide motion capture simulations and virtual reality visualizations.

Advantages of Forensic Animations and Visualizations
  • Allow access to inaccessible accident sites, such as those that have been cleared/cleaned or are too dangerous to recreate
  • Help visualize and understand ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Provide multiple camera angles and points of view for a comprehensive view
  • Answer questions about injury causation, line of sight, and visibility
  • Provide a cost-effective way to recreate accident events for investigation when physical recreation is too expensive
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Case Study: Line-of-Sight Animation
A delivery driver was making a delivery in a neighborhood. As he turned, he ran over a homeowner who was working in his yard, causing severe injury. The experts on the Rimkus Visual Media and Technology team were retained to perform a light-of-sight investigation to help determine if the driver was able to see the homeowner at the time the accident occurred.

Visit the case study on our website to read details about the case study, including steps taken to accurately depict the driver’s perspective, as well as learn what the visualization helped us to understand about the accident scene.

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VJ Tanwar, CFVT
Director, Visual Media and Technology
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