Forensic Perspectives: Toxicology and Food Safety Consulting

April 24, 2024

Building Trust Through Science: Toxicology and Food Safety Consulting

People can be exposed to a variety of potentially harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and organic compounds, as well as bacteria, fungi, and other causative agents at home, in the workplace, or in the environment.

The experts on the Rimkus Toxicology and Food Safety team apply their significant industry experience and expertise to provide technical, scientific, and health sciences consulting services to clients. We specialize in characterizing and quantifying the association between exposure to a substance and the magnitude of its effects on human health.

Our team has successfully investigated a wide variety of environmental incidents and issues. Through in-depth investigations, research, testing, and consistent analyses, our experts can help clients understand the facts, answering the questions at hand and providing a basis for effective claims and litigation management and resolution.

The Rimkus Toxicology and Food Safety team comprises:

  • Toxicologists
  • Food Safety Consultants
  • Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH)
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Immunologists
  • Indoor Air Quality Specialists
  • Microbiologists
  • Neurologists

Specialized Knowledge Spanning Industries

Consumer Product Safety

We have extensive experience evaluating the possible health risks posed by chemical ingredients in consumer products. Our team can assist clients in understanding and addressing regulatory compliance and litigation matters, providing support for many issues regarding product safety and compliance.

Food Safety

Along the food supply chain, there are many sources of substances that can expose consumers to potential health hazards and may result in significant injury claims. Our toxicologists, food safety experts, and industrial hygienists review food-related claims from a health-risk perspective related to the toxicology of the substances involved, the amount of exposure, and the merits of the allegations of harm or product damage.

Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Assessments

By combining our expertise in toxicology, industrial hygiene, and occupational health, we offer a comprehensive approach to both indoor and outdoor environmental assessments and associated human health exposures. Our indoor assessments involve meticulous examination of air quality, identifying potential sources of indoor pollutants like mold, and assessing any risks posed to occupants’ health. Our outdoor assessments can entail analyzing soil and water samples for contaminants, evaluating air pollution sources such as industrial emissions or traffic exhaust, and assessing potential exposure pathways for nearby communities or ecosystems.

Alcohol and Drugs

Rimkus forensic toxicologists have extensive experience investigating human exposures to illicit drugs, opiates, marijuana, prescription drugs, and alcohol. We determine how these substances contribute to neurological and judgment impairment based upon the dose-response relationship and known toxicological properties.

Additionally, we offer toxicology expertise related to a variety of matters and industries, including environmental and workplace exposures, pesticides, and oil and gas.

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Leading Expertise

Our Toxicology and Food Safety team is led by Director Carla J. Kinslow, Ph.D., a Toxicologist with more than 31 years of biomedical, regulatory, and environmental experience. Dr. Kinslow holds a Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences and Cell Biology/Molecular Toxicology.

In the article below, Dr. Kinslow shares her expertise on food safety investigations and the process of testing for food contamination.

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