Enhance Safety and Durability: Explore Our Parking Structure Rehabilitation Solutions

January 25, 2024

Rehabilitation Solutions for Parking Structures

Over time, parking garages endure wear and tear, facing issues like concrete deterioration, water damage, and compromised integrity. Asphalt and concrete deterioration are not only visually unpleasant; they also pose significant driving or slip, trip, and fall hazards. Structural rehabilitation services play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity and safety of these essential structures.

Rimkus’ qualified experts can perform a comprehensive assessment of the garage’s structural integrity to identify areas of concern such as cracks, corrosion, or compromised support elements.

Our skilled engineers employ advanced repair techniques, including concrete restoration, reinforcement, and corrosion mitigation, to address issues and enhance the overall strength and durability of the parking garage.

Through proactive maintenance and targeted repairs, we can help prevent potential hazards such as collapses or falling debris. Prioritizing sustainability and maintainability, we can help clients stay compliant with safety standards, extend the lifespan of structures, and ensure that parking garages remain secure infrastructure for both pedestrians and vehicles.


What are the benefits of structural rehabilitation for parking structures?
  • Enhance the safety and structural integrity
  • Extend the structure’s lifespan
  • Save money
  • Prevent costly future repairs
  • Improve the appearance
Rimkus Pavement Engineering Services:

Pavement Consulting

  • Capital Planning
  • Curbs, Walks, and Drainage Issues
  • Engineered Pavement Design
  • Geotechnical and Subsurface Analysis
  • Identification of Potential Safety Hazards
  • Lighting Standards
  • Parking Lot and Pavement Assessments

Tendering/Bidding and Prequalification of Contractors

  • Bid Document Preparation
  • Cost and Schedule Control
  • Ease Conditions, Requirements, and Practices

Contract Administration

  • Payment Certification
  • Preparation of Change Orders
  • Review of Shop Drawings and/or Material Submissions

Pavement Rehabilitation Quality Observations

  • Construction Reviews
  • Contract Administration
  • Payment Certification
  • Verification of Unit Pricing

Rimkus experts can help you evaluate and address the specific vulnerabilities of your parking structures, as well as save money and enhance performance. Through inspections conducted by our experienced and professional team of pavement engineers and concrete experts, we can assess and help extend the life of any pavement investment.

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