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March 13, 2024

Powering Trust and Transparency: Your Solution for Renewable Energy Forensic Expertise

As the pace of the energy transition has increased in order to meet global net-zero targets, so has the demand for clean renewable energy generation and the need for a more energy efficient and sustainable built environment with a reduced carbon footprint. Rimkus energy experts understand the unique challenges that can accompany these goals and have the latest knowledge of evolving technologies, complex power generation systems, and better ways to adapt and manage our built environment.

Achieving net-zero goals requires input from many stakeholders. Rimkus can help by using its teams of technical, cost, and delay experts to address these unique needs.


Solar energy production will continue to be the largest contributor of renewable energy generation in the coming decades. We have extensive experience related to utility-scale and commercial rooftop solar site selection, construction, and operation. We routinely assist with the assessment of design deficiencies involving solar trackers, racking and module failures, workmanship problems and contractual disputes, equipment defects, degradation or failure, and storm damage resulting from wind, hail, and flooding. The use of autonomous inspection technologies on solar sites for hail and age-related degradation assessment is changing how we do business, allowing us to access and inspect difficult or dangerous locations in a safe and efficient manner. We also perform meteorological assessments for sites which are reported to have been impacted by storm events.

Our solar energy consulting services also encompass the provision of building energy audits, building certification, rooftop solar site feasibility assessments, design audits, advice on power purchase agreements and leases, solar site construction management, cost monitoring, periodic maintenance and inspections during operation, and due diligence services. These services can all be provided alongside the building evaluation, monitoring, and maintenance services that are offered across the wider Rimkus business.


Onshore and offshore wind will continue to grow throughout the world. Our team has in-depth experience related to the analysis and evaluation of both onshore and offshore wind farm losses, from blade, drivetrain, tower, and foundation issues, to fires, arc-flash injuries, construction and access problems, crane failures, and maritime issues. Turbine blade erosion and the evaluation of lightning protection systems and lightning strike damage will be an ongoing issue.

We can also assist with subsea cable and cable protection system evaluation, as well as offshore and onshore substation claims and disputes arising both during the construction and operational phases for wind farms. We regularly provide detailed cost and delay analysis for large wind farm projects to support our clients.


Rimkus experts have been involved in the investigation of hydroelectric facility failures and related infrastructure around the world. Our experience encompasses complex matters involving geotechnical and environmental problems, dam erosion and degradation, turbine and electrical equipment degradation and failure, related energy backup and power transmission equipment evaluations, as well as project cost and delay analysis.

Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Rimkus is well versed in the latest utility-scale, commercial, and residential battery storage and EV charging station technologies. Our experts have dealt with problems involving battery manufacturing defects, battery fires, rapid shutdown device failures on solar sites, and related building envelope damage and remediation. We can also assist with evaluation of long-duration energy storage systems like pumped storage hydro, as well as the construction management of EV charging station rollout and related infrastructure.

Additional Expertise

Rimkus renewable energy consultants can provide assessments related to a wide range of other renewable energy technologies, such as green hydrogen, biofuels, geothermal systems, carbon capture and storage, and related infrastructure such as compression, storage, and piping systems. From concept through construction, project operation, and maintenance, we can help clients achieve their net-zero targets while ensuring regulatory compliance and alignment with their overarching financial and ESG goals.

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