Reserve Fund Studies and Depreciation Reports

July 13, 2023


Reserve Fund Studies and Depreciation Reports

Rimkus provides a comprehensive suite of services to optimize the performance of condominiums, municipalities, educational institutions, and commercial properties.

Reserve fund studies and depreciation reports help building owners, property managers, and boards make data-driven decisions regarding maintenance and upkeep. They also help avoid being surprised by special assessments, budget responsibly for predictable repairs and replacements, save money, and protect property values.

What is a Reserve Fund Study/Depreciation Report?

These studies and reports involve a complete assessment of a property’s building components, including exterior and interior elements, infrastructure, and mechanical and electrical systems.

Why do I Need a Reserve Fund Study/Depreciation Report?

Reserve fund studies and depreciation reports provide well-researched and defensible expense projections so that adequate funds can be set aside for inevitable future projects. This allows for reserve planning at the same pace as the property’s deterioration and in time for actual repairs or replacements. By establishing a reserve budget for items needing repair and replacement down the road, condominium owners can avoid financial surprises.

Make Informed Decisions

Our building experts can evaluate the present condition and life expectancy of building and system components, identify necessary repairs, make recommendations for maintenance or replacement, and provide cost estimates and cash allocation assistance for current and future maintenance.

We offer a wide range of building services to assist owners and managers in extending a property’s lifespan and performing necessary updates with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to occupied buildings.

The Rimkus team of experts is comprised of professional engineers, architects, and technical specialists who are ready to prepare reserve fund studies and depreciation reports. To learn more about the full suite of services we provide for municipalities, universities, condominiums, and commercial properties, contact your local expert.


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