Premises Liability and Security Forensic Services

February 13, 2023

Premises Liability and Security Forensic Services
Industry-leading Expertise



Rimkus offers a highly specialized team of engineers, architects, construction managers, and safety professionals to assist in all aspects of premises liability evaluations, conformance with industry standards, and overall site safety reviews.

Accident Reconstruction
Our experts are well versed in ADA standards, OSHA regulations, ASTM and ANSI standards, building codes, and other means of egress requirements.


Slip-and-fall incidents are an area of investigation in which Rimkus experts have years of specialized experience. Our consultants are trained to utilize various types of equipment to evaluate the slip resistance of both walking and bathing surfaces. Our experts are up to date on the latest code requirements and safety standards related to slips and falls.

The Rimkus security team’s areas of expertise include foreseeability of crime, security staffing, background screening, training, policy and procedures, emergency response, and use of force. We utilize decades of real-world experience in these areas to assist clients with the development of safety and security plans to better protect people and property.

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