Energy Audits: Optimize the performance of your building

April 6, 2023

Energy Audits: Optimize the performance of your building


As utility costs rise, building managers must take advantage of cost-saving opportunities for tenants.

An energy audit can provide a bigger picture for identifying and understanding major energy-saving opportunities. It can also provide a quantifiable look at a building compared to its peers, which can be used to set realistic energy reduction targets and help improve the performance of energy-consuming systems.

Technology, materials, and energy costs are changing rapidly; a quality energy audit performed more than five years ago will be outdated for most facilities. Buildings that follow the best practice of keeping an up-to-date energy audit prove to be leaders in energy reduction and savings.

Energy audits can include:
  • Review of historical energy bills to develop an energy snapshot for comparison with other buildings
  • Assessment of retrofit savings potential
  • A detailed inventory of energy-consuming aspects and associated operating details
  • Discussions regarding past, current, and potential future energy retrofits
    • Lighting systems
    • Building envelope
    • Water-consuming equipment
    • HVAC equipment
    • Control systems
    • Common element equipment

An inexperienced auditor may overestimate or underestimate savings potential, miss obvious savings opportunities, and neglect to assess entire categories of a building’s energy reduction potential.

Our qualified team of experts can help you accomplish your building’s energy goals. Contact us to learn more.

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