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June 24, 2024

The Consulting Expert®: Midwest Expertise

To help clients navigate complex claims and disputes, Rimkus consultants provide a comprehensive suite of services including forensic engineering, failure analysis, vehicle accident reconstruction, human factors, injury biomechanics, and beyond.

Our highly skilled experts in the Midwest contribute specialized expertise to the collective Rimkus team. We help clients across the United States with consulting services related to mechanical and electrical engineering analysis, fire origin and cause, transportation investigations, agricultural industry evaluations, product safety, and more. Meet some of our Midwest-based consulting experts below.

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Principal Consultant
Des Moines, IA
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Darin Dux is a professional engineer licensed in 19 states and a certified fire investigator with more than 30 years of design experience in a wide variety of areas including agricultural equipment, surface mining and milling equipment, and construction/industrial equipment. He also has experience in light and heavy machine structural systems, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems, internal combustion and electrically powered machines, analog and digital control systems, sensors and sensor suites, and stationary and mobile on-road and off-highway equipment. He holds 16 U.S. and international patents. Mr. Dux also has extensive experience in product safety and product compliance and has contributed to national and international standards including SAE, ANSI, and ISO. Mr. Dux has performed many investigations of jobsite machinery accidents and vehicle accidents involving injuries and fatalities.

John Eurek, P.E., NAFI-CFEI, LEED A.P.
Omaha, NE
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John Eurek is a licensed professional engineer in 11 states and a LEED® Accredited Professional. He has more than 16 years of design experience in a wide range of mechanical systems including boilers, chillers, geothermal, vehicle exhaust, and commercial kitchens. Mr. Eurek has spent 14 years designing energy-efficient building systems for LEED-certified military and commercial buildings. These projects included complex systems controls that modulated ventilation, pumps and fans differential pressure modulation, supply temperature setpoint reset, morning warm-up, and variable exhaust controlled by carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, NOx, humidity, and hydrogen sensors. Mr. Eurek has 12 years of experience on military projects involving hangars, fire stations, barracks, large vehicle maintenance facilities, dining facilities, Apache helicopter engine test facilities, and small arms firing ranges.

Ted Hutchinson, P.E., CFEI
Principal Consultant
Kansas City, MO
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Ted Hutchinson is a registered professional engineer in six states and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator. His professional career includes extensive practical experience in electrical engineering, including high voltage and high current research and development, lightning simulation, surge suppression, and electrical troubleshooting. He is experienced in the evaluation of electrical fire causes, including structural, automotive, marine, solar, wind turbine, hazmat, and industrial fire cases. Mr. Hutchinson’s experience also includes electrical field theory and evaluation of electrical breakdowns leading to failures. He has extensive experience with manufacturing systems and automation control. Additionally, he has experience with fiber optic control and sensors specifically relating to fiber optic current sensors. Mr. Hutchinson is regularly called upon to provide technical assistance relating to electrical failures, equipment failures, electrical injuries, lightning damage, and fire causation.

Joshua H. Koch, P.E., PMP
Kansas City, MO
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Joshua Koch is a licensed professional engineer in six states who recently passed the exams to earn ASE World Class Technician status, a designation held by approximately only 2,000 technicians globally. He has more than nine years of research and design experience in the railroad maintenance of way and transportation industries, with a specialization in hydraulic system design for mobile equipment. As a forensic consultant, Mr. Koch investigates mechanical and electrical failures on light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles; heavy construction and agricultural equipment; industrial manufacturing and process equipment; residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment; as well as appliances. He is knowledgeable in evaluating equipment for safety and regulatory compliance and has experience in industrial equipment and facility maintenance and manufacturing. He has applied his hands-on approach to repairing automobiles and other machinery to optimize and repair industrial manufacturing equipment.

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