Forensic Fire and Explosion Investigations

April 22, 2024

Understanding Fires and Explosions: Forensic Origin and Cause Investigations in Residential and Commercial Settings

Fire and explosion incidents can have devastating effects on individuals, families, and businesses. Conducting thorough investigations to determine the root cause of such incidents is crucial in preventing future occurrences and ensuring justice for those affected.

Forensic investigations can be key components in understanding the causes and implications of fires and explosions in both residential and commercial environments. Rimkus forensic investigations are scientifically based and involve a comprehensive analysis of various factors, including the scene of the incident, physical evidence, witness testimonies, and expert opinions.

In residential settings, factors such as faulty wiring, appliance malfunctions, flammable materials, and arson may need to be considered. Similarly, in commercial environments, issues like industrial equipment failure, chemical reactions, electrical faults, and sabotage could be investigated.

Collaborative Expertise for Comprehensive Solutions

At Rimkus, we are committed to promoting safety and resilience in both residential and commercial spaces. Our team of experienced forensic investigators possesses the expertise and resources necessary to conduct thorough and impartial investigations, collect and preserve evidence, and provide valuable insights and recommendations to our clients.

When necessary, our fire consultants collaborate with other Rimkus team members with specialized expertise, such as mechanical and electrical engineers or human factors experts, to provide a thorough understanding of any fire event and potential subrogation components.

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Case Study: Aquarium Water Heater Failure Analysis

An aquarium water heater allegedly overheated and exploded, causing a fire at a residence. Rimkus was retained to examine the evidence from the fire and evaluate the findings of other fire origin and cause experts as well as perform investigative testing using exemplar aquarium heaters and an aquarium hood.

Case Study

Meet the Northeast Fire Experts

Rimkus forensic investigators can apply their expertise to not only uncover the truth behind fire incidents but also help enhance public safety, improve building codes and regulations, and mitigate risks associated with fire and explosion hazards. Our experts are located strategically in offices spanning the United States and are ready to provide timely investigations utilizing cutting-edge technology to help clients understand these complex events, wherever they occur.

Below, meet three of our experts who serve clients in the Northeast United States.


Luke Nelson, IAAI-CFI (V), NAFI-CFEI
Fire Consultant
Pittsburgh, PA
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Michael Roberts, IAAI-CFI, NFPA-CFI2, NFPA-CFPE, FAA-Remote sUAV Pilot
Fire Consultant
Grand Rapids, MI
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Craig S. Williams, IAAI-CFI (V), NAFI-CFEI
Senior Fire Consultant
Buffalo, NY
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