Hurricane Season Services

August 11, 2023


Hurricane Season Services

The 2023 hurricane season is underway. After a catastrophic event like a hurricane, the road to recovery begins with a single step in the right direction. Rimkus teams are composed of licensed professionals who can provide storm damage assessments and guidance through the remediation process.

The team of experts at LMS, a Rimkus company, can help clients and insureds navigate the entire restoration process. We can:

  • Perform on-site inspections to determine extent of damage
  • Assist with moisture intrusion causation/investigation
  • Assist and support the claims examiner and adjuster with developing a proper Scope of Work (SOW) and Reserve
  • Provide the adjuster with up-to-date market pricing analysis
  • Perform field audits and daily project oversight to ensure timelines and agreed scope are met

The sooner we are involved, the greater the potential positive impact on the loss process and outcome. Early involvement on-site allows us to develop our own SOW and cost based on common industry standards and our extensive industry experience.

Our experts provide the following on-site project controls:

  • Develop Appropriate SOW
  • Damage Assessments
  • Align Labor/Equipment Usage with Industry Standards
  • Restorability Evaluations
  • Bid Specification Packages
  • Provide Rough Order of Magnitude
  • Establishing a Critical Path
  • Project Oversight

Engage the team of mitigation specialists at LMS, a Rimkus company, to assist with potential problems during recovery, streamlining the restoration process, and returning to business as usual.

When you need us, we’re here to help.


Joseph Weitz
Director, Building Consulting Practice
(646) 413-2121

Andrew Stines
Principal Consultant
(727) 266-9150



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