Introducing Heavy Construction Equipment Expert Adam Hall

August 23, 2023

Introducing Heavy Construction Equipment Expert
Adam Hall

Adam Hall, P.E., CFEI
Senior Consultant
(314) 307-6549

Adam Hall is a heavy equipment expert, mechanical engineer, and certified fire and explosion investigator. He has extensive industry experience in product design and testing and manufacturing, including more than 18 years of experience with off-road construction equipment, on-road trucks, and machine-shop equipment. His experience and industry knowledge include roll-over protective structures, earth-moving equipment, horizontal directional drills, hydraulics, and drivetrains.

As a Rimkus Senior Consultant based in Oklahoma and a professional engineer registered in 27 states, Adam provides clients nationwide with forensic investigations and analyses to assist with understanding complex issues.

Adam Hall’s heavy equipment and expert testimony expertise include:
  • Mechanical engineering, with a specialization in failure analysis for all kinds of heavy equipment
  • Years of experience with design, testing, operation, repair, and manufacturing at multiple heavy equipment manufacturers
  • Detailed knowledge of heavy equipment operator duties and standard of care relating to accidents and injuries
  • Trained and certified operator for manlifts and forklifts per OSHA
  • Hydraulic operation, hydraulic contamination, operator guarding, and catastrophic failure vs. wear and tear
  • Trial and deposition testimony experience in multiple states/venues
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