Meet Rimkus Expert Suzanne Montgomery

January 22, 2024

Meet Suzanne Montgomery, a Florida-based Rimkus Senior Consultant, Licensed Professional Engineer, and Certified General Contractor. Suzanne has extensive knowledge related to facilities planning, contract administration, construction management, crane operations, and heavy equipment maintenance. Throughout her career, she has performed and supervised the comprehensive design and construction of new construction projects, modifications to existing structures, and damage repairs.

Her experience includes residential, commercial, and federal government structures such as medical clinics, airfields, and roadways. Additionally, her expeditionary experience is in horizontal construction, water well operations, quarry operations, crane operations, and maintenance of all heavy and light construction equipment.

Prior to joining Rimkus, Ms. Montgomery served in numerous roles with the United States Navy. Responsibilities during her 20-year tenure included overseeing the day-to-day operations and equipment maintenance of multiple public works facilities and leading construction teams in the maintenance of all heavy and light construction equipment.

As a Rimkus Senior Consultant, Ms. Montgomery performs investigations and assessments of residential and commercial structures, including roof damage, moisture intrusion, flooring damage, plumbing system failures and repairs, and storm-related damage.

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