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January 11, 2024

Rimkus consultants provide a broad range of expertise to help clients with transportation matters. We offer decades of experience related to injury biomechanics, accident reconstruction, mechanical engineering, toxicology, and digital intelligence, and work collaboratively to provide comprehensive services. Our highly skilled team has the knowledge and experience to help clients in California understand complex transportation accidents.

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Appaji Panchangam, Ph.D., P.Eng., ACTAR
Biomechanical Practice Leader
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Dr. Appaji Panchangam is a biomechanical engineer and an ACTAR-accredited vehicle accident reconstructionist with 12 years of forensic engineering experience. As a Rimkus Biomechanical Practice Leader, he analyzes human injury and biomechanical systems, including voluntary and involuntary human motions. His experience relating to transportation includes low- and high-speed collisions, rollovers, fatality accidents, pedestrian and bicycle collisions, driver determination, evaluation of seatbelt and other restraint use, site inspection and mapping, vehicle inspections, speed analysis, time-distance analysis, GPS data analysis, event data recorder (EDR) download and analysis, crash simulations, and nighttime visibility testing. Dr. Panchangam also has expertise in evaluating slips/trips/falls, gait biomechanics, falls from heights, worker’s comp claims, recreational accidents, and medical device failures.

John T. Woscek, A.R.I, P.E.
Senior Consultant
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John Woscek is a Senior Consultant and professional engineer registered in three states. He has more than 13 years of diversified experience and knowledge relating to mechanical and reliability engineering, including significant engineering and project management experience within the amusement park industry. He is trained and experienced with crash data retrieval, and he provides a specialized focus in vehicle mechanical failures, accident reconstruction, vehicle thefts, and vehicle fire cases. As a forensic engineer, he also provides analysis and causation determination for mechanical component failures of motor vehicle systems, consumer products, HVAC systems, and plumbing systems.

Sydney Allen, ACTAR
Senior Consultant
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ACTAR-certified Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist Sydney Allen is a Rimkus Senior Consultant and certified technician and analyst for the removal, download, and reading of airbag control modules for passenger vehicles. Ms. Allen is also a licensed remote pilot (drone). She has more than 10 years of experience investigating and analyzing many different types of collisions, including those involving pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), passenger vehicles, school buses, and commercial trucks. Additionally, she has significant experience gathering and preserving accident scene evidence.
James Jordan

Gregory Hora, P.E., ACTAR
Senior Consultant
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Gregory Hora is a Senior Consultant, professional engineer registered in three states, and an ACTAR-accredited vehicle accident reconstructionist. He performs inspections of mechanical failures in residential, commercial, and industrial systems as well as consumer and industrial product failure analyses. He applies more than 20 years of mechanical engineering to the reconstruction of vehicular accidents that range in severity from minor property damage to multiple-vehicle collisions. His reconstruction experience includes accidents involving cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles.
James Jordan

Paul C. Saedler, P.E., ACTAR
Principal Consultant
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Paul Saedler is a Principal Consultant, a professional engineer registered in four states, and a certified traffic accident investigation and reconstruction specialist with a broad range of knowledge relating to mechanical and manufacturing engineering. He has more than 32 years of diversified engineering and project management experience in the forensic consulting, automotive, recreational vehicle, water and power, and the HVAC industries. Mr. Saedler has conducted numerous vehicle accident reconstruction assignments with a wide variety of underlying causes and has also evaluated numerous motor vehicle thefts.

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