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April 1, 2024

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Celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2024

As a global engineering and technical consulting firm, we recognize the importance of celebrating Earth Day. Environmental stewardship is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic step in sustainable development. By participating in Earth Day activities, we both reinforce our commitment to preserving the planet for future generations and advance innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.

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Rimkus Global Services Overview Video

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of expertise to help clients address complex questions and challenges. Our experts provide years of specialized experience related to forensic investigations, life sciences, quantum and delay, and solutions for the built environment. Check out an overview of our services below.

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Trending Topics and Services

Energy Manager Outlines
Path to Net Zero for Condo Buildings

It is important for building owners, property managers, and condo boards to consider how to transition properties to meet evolving building and energy codes, as well as the expectations of potential condominium owners who prioritize sustainability, lower utility costs, and improved building resilience when purchasing a unit. In a recent article for CondoVoice, a Rimkus energy expert shares insight into the process of updating condominium buildings to achieve climate and energy goals.

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Renewable Energy Generation and Sustainable Built Environment Solutions

As the pace of the energy transition has increased in order to meet global net-zero targets, so has the demand for clean, renewable energy generation and the need for a more energy efficient and sustainable built environment with a reduced carbon footprint. Achieving net-zero goals requires input from many stakeholders. Rimkus can help by using its teams of technical, cost, and delay experts to address these unique needs.

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Uncover Hidden Issues: Forensic Mechanical and Electrical Investigations

Rimkus mechanical and electrical engineers specialize in forensic and failure analysis to address a broad spectrum of issues involving machines, electrical equipment, HVAC, plumbing, and other complex systems. Our seasoned team conducts detailed investigations into mechanical failures of equipment, structures, and components for a wide variety of issues, errors, and defects.

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Roof and Pavement Condition Assessments

The cold temperatures, snow, and freezing rain of the winter season can negatively impact properties, potentially leading to costly damage and safety hazards. When conducted by Rimkus’ experienced team of roof and pavement engineers, condition assessments can help clients protect their customers and employees, save money, and improve and maintain the integrity of their properties.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements
Subject matter experts and thought leaders

Rimkus CE/CLE Webinar
April 3, 2024 – Online

“Subrogation and Restaurant Fire Suppression System Failures” presented by Thomas W. Young, IAAI-CFI, NAFI-CFEI, NAFI-CFII, Vice President, Fire Practice, and Phillip A. Keena, IAAI-CFI, BsFPSET, Senior Consultant.

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Rimkus CE/CLE Webinar
April 17, 2024 – Online

“Earthquake Damage Assessment” presented by James (Wes) Jordan, P.E., S.E., F.ASCE, Vice President, Property Practice.

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Rimkus North Carolina CE/CLE Live Burn In-Person Seminar
April 18, 2024 – Kinston, NC

“Inferno Insights: Heating up Elements of Fire Science” presented by David R. Meyers, IAAI-CFI(V), Senior Fire Practice Leader, and Mark H. Nelson, P.E., NAFI-CFEI, NAFI-CVFI, ACTAR, Mechanical and Electrical Practice Leader.

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Rimkus Ohio Agricultural CE/CLE Seminar
April 18, 2024 – Liberty Township, OH

“Grain Bin Evaluations” presented by Matthew S. Mercer, P.E., Property Practice Leader.

“Mechanical Analysis of Agricultural Failures” (with demonstrations) presented by Marc A. Cammack, P.E., Senior Consultant.

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Rimkus continuing education webinars are available on-demand after each live presentation, but attending the live broadcast often provides US-based participants with the opportunity to earn CE or CLE credit hours.

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Product Liability Notices
Product and Materials Failure Expertise

Recalls can be the result of manufacturing defects, design issues, or unexpected and unintended user behaviors – for many manufacturers, issues due to user behavior can be particularly challenging.

Our Human Factors group can provide the expertise to analyze user behavior. We can help predict potential misuses before they happen or identify ways to address unexpected misuses when they are discovered in the field.

Rose Figueroa width=

Rose Figueroa, Ph.D., CHFP
Principal Consultant
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“We have a team of experts with education and experience in human factors engineering, ergonomics, psychology, user experience (UX), anthropology, biomechanics, kinesiology, and safety. This collective proficiency ensures our ability to meticulously assess products, their warnings, and instructions. Moreover, our extensive expertise allows us to adeptly curate specialized teams and harness a diverse toolkit.”

Offering extensive experience in safety, forensic sciences, and failure analysis, Rimkus has a diverse group of qualified professionals to conduct accident investigations involving products, equipment, and materials.

Rimkus uses specialized investigative techniques to analyze the full spectrum of the product cycle. We examine the entire life cycle, from inception to end use, including design, manufacturing, materials installation, training, operation, and maintenance.

Human Factors
Product Recalls

About Rimkus

Rimkus is a leading provider of technical consulting and expert witness services. With more than 40 years of experience, our company offers a wide range of expertise in areas such as engineering, environmental sciences, fire investigation, quantum and delay, accident reconstruction, and life sciences. Our multidisciplinary approach and commitment to delivering unbiased analysis make us a trusted resource for clients as they resolve disputes or seek clarity in legal proceedings.

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