Property Loss Consulting

Rimkus property loss consulting experts can provide answers and solutions to our clients’ questions and problems pertaining to buildings and structures.

Problems with buildings, structures, and related infrastructure systems occur on a daily basis. Some can be attributed to natural causes like storms, fires, or earthquakes. 

Others may result from improper construction methods, design errors, or inferior materials, resulting in design or construction defects that lead to the failure of building envelopes and structural, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems.

From one-story houses to high-rise office buildings, roadway pavement to multi-span highway bridges, signposts to grain bins, and all forms of residential, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, municipal, and agricultural facilities, Rimkus engineers, architects, and building experts have the expertise essential to diagnosing and solving problems in the built environment.

From causation to recovery, Rimkus can determine the cause of the damage, develop a scope and cost of repair, provide design services to restore a property to its pre-damaged condition, and oversee the restoration of a property.

We continually invest in arming our consultants with the latest investigative capabilities including data collection using drones (UAV), 3-D scanning equipment, accessing difficult areas with track-mounted robotic equipment, examination/testing using laboratory equipment within our Materials Science Practice, and ARC-GIS software utilized by our Meteorology Practice experts. 

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Technical Practice Director

J. Phil Wilbourn, II, P.E.

Director, Property Practice

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Technical Practice Director

James (Wes) Jordan, P.E., S.E., F.ASCE

Vice President, Property Practice

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